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I’ll Have An Egg, Please.

After my last post on the benefits of water, I got an amazing link to a story on NPR about the incredible way the egg has been created. Surely by now everyone has heard of the massive recall of eggs … Continue reading

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Water, Anyone?

Are you drinking enough water?  I read a while ago that most people are chronically mildly dehydrated.   Symptoms are headaches, irritability, and lack of energy.  And the long-term effects of mild dehydration on our health are many…. higher risk for … Continue reading

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Great Guesses, Everyone!

And the winner is…… DAWN!!! You’re right! They will be black swallowtail butterflies. Swallowtail caterpillars like fennel and parsley. That made it much easier to identify them. Monarchs like milkweed as my puzzled aunt mentioned in an email. And  those … Continue reading

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Who is this in my garden?

Emma was very excited to find LOTS of these guys all over my parsley.  So here’s a little quiz… Do you know what they are?  Do you know what they will become??  Leave me a comment if you know or … Continue reading

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Menu Planning Help

I’ve done menu planning for 2 weeks at a time for years now.  I’ve played around with many different layouts and ideas and have never been too excited about any of them. My mom sent me this link tonight and … Continue reading

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School’s Started!

Well, we’re almost through with our first week of school.  It’s been a good week.  I work on Wednesdays and that tends to throw our week out of whack, but the new babysitter did a great job getting them through … Continue reading

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My Schedule

I call it a schedule, but it’s more of a framework… we can move faster if all is going well, but there are breaks scheduled in and time to catch up if we get behind.  Believe me, it’s so much … Continue reading

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