Organizing Our Days – Housekeeping/Chores

We try to have a good routine especially early in the week.  By Thursday, we’re usually starting to fall into survival mode!

Monday is laundry day.  We often have to do extra loads during the week, but if I get most of it done on Monday, then at least I can keep up with it.  Cassandra is responsible to wash, fold, and put away the kids’ laundry, and I do towels, grown-up laundry, sheets, etc.  Emma is learning to fold and put away (neatly!) the clothes too, and will start sharing that chore with Cassandra soon.

Tuesday is bread-baking day.  That takes most of the morning, and last year, we did school at the dining room table on Tuesdays so that I could keep an eye on my students and help out while going back and forth to the kitchen.  We may do that again.

On Wednesday, I work, and we don’t bother with any assigned chores for that day.  I pack up all the schoolwork the night before and their babysitter usually is very good about making sure they get it done before they go play.

Thursday is a recovery day… I check over the work that was done on Wednesday if I didn’t get to it Wednesday night.   We catch up on what was missed both in schoolwork and housework.

I keep Fridays as light as possible as far as school goes.  We try to be done by noon on Fridays.  That’s my day to schedule get-togethers with other homeschool families, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands or outings.


We are starting something new and we’re doing a test run this week.  So far, it’s working very well.

Each child has color-coded index cards with instructions for a different chore on each card.  On the back, I’ve penciled in the day of the week that child has that particular chore.  Each morning, I get that day’s cards out and put them on the table.  Here’s what they look like:

Don’t laugh at my pencil drawings on Garrett’s.  🙂  I go with him through his chores and help him learn the ropes.  Eventually I’m hoping he’ll be mostly independent.

For now, I have Morning Chores (things that need to be done before school), Kitchen Duty, and Bathroom Duty (I couldn’t get anyone to take responsibility for their own toothbrushes, messes, etc., so each one gets to clean up the bathroom in the morning and at night).  I have a “Pick a Project” card in each color that lists things like “clean out the van”; “wash the living room windows”; etc. but I haven’t used that one yet.  The last step on that card says to bring it to Mom for a special treat.  🙂  I told them that card will just occasionally show up on the table.

I’ve seen as we go along that I missed a few steps on the Kitchen Duty cards, so I’ll be revising them to include wiping off the counters and anything else that was left out.  It’s working well so far… we’ll see if it lasts!


About micandme

Homeschool mommy to three munchkins, ages 9, 7, and 5. Christ-follower, nurse, wife, knitter, spinner, crafter, camper, hiker, people-pleaser, homesteader-wanna-be!
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3 Responses to Organizing Our Days – Housekeeping/Chores

  1. Dawn says:

    Oh, I really really like this idea! Having 2 little ones, I’ll have to file this away for a few more years, but what a fantastic plan. I’ll look forward to hearing how it works over the coming months/years!!

  2. Ann (southernmomma) says:

    Love your organizing ideas. How do you homeschool the older ones with the younger ones? Do you do them at different times? I like your new blog on this blogsite. Hmmm…might be thinking of moving mine.

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