School’s Started!

Well, we’re almost through with our first week of school.  It’s been a good week.  I work on Wednesdays and that tends to throw our week out of whack, but the new babysitter did a great job getting them through their school work and we managed to get pretty much back on track today.  So far, Apologia Astronomy and the lapbooks they’re doing with it are the biggest hit.  The girls like their spelling (Phonetic Zoo), too.

Trip to Six Flags

We squeaked into Six Flags at the last minute on our free Six Flags Reading Program tickets and had a wonderful time with some homeschool friends (even though it was unbearably hot!).

Right before we headed to KY for the last week of summer break, our A/C died on us.  Fortunately for us, it was an easy fix and not very expensive.  We were roasting and quickly agreed to watch his son so that he could come over right away the next morning!  As you can see, everyone enjoyed that!

Monday was our first day of school…. I had bought the kids each a “First Day of School Outfit” and planned to take pictures.  I caught Garrett letting me know that it was a BIT too early to be doing this!  🙂

That’s better… he didn’t want to have a goofy grin on his face, so he tried to smile nicely.

Emmy wanted a “real” school uniform, so I got the top from Kohl’s, but just couldn’t justify buying a uniform jumper when I knew we had some nice jumpers at home.  She was very agreeable especially when she realized I was also getting her another outfit.

I didn’t get a chance to check the girls’ hair before pictures, but….there will always be other pictures.  🙂

On to some other school pictures… these are from this week.

Engineers at work during free time

Emma's taking school very seriously this year!

Favorite subject - Math!

Cassandra's favorite subject - Reading!

Teamwork... who needs school to learn that?!

"Spaghetti Junction"


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