Who is this in my garden?

Emma was very excited to find LOTS of these guys all over my parsley.  So here’s a little quiz… Do you know what they are?  Do you know what they will become??  Leave me a comment if you know or want to guess!  Bonus “points” if you know how they defend themselves when they’re scared.  Click on the picture for a closer look.


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Homeschool mommy to three munchkins, ages 9, 7, and 5. Christ-follower, nurse, wife, knitter, spinner, crafter, camper, hiker, people-pleaser, homesteader-wanna-be!
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8 Responses to Who is this in my garden?

  1. Tiffani says:

    Don’t they become Monarchs?

  2. Jamica says:

    I’m not sure, though I thought it might have been monarch! I give uo 😛

  3. micandme says:

    We love monarchs, but we think these are even better! 🙂 I’ll see if anyone can guess. If not, I’ll post the answer later.

  4. Dawn says:

    My Hubby & I think it will be a swallowtail. And if so, they have these goofy little orange horn-things that they pop out to look “terrifying” and “threatening”. LOL You will have a veritable butterfly garden if they all stick around!

  5. micandme says:

    And the winner is…… DAWN!!! You’re right! They will be black swallowtail butterflies. Swallowtail caterpillars like fennel and parsley. That made it much easier to identify them. Monarchs like milkweed as my puzzled aunt mentioned in an email. And they DO have those scary “horn-things” that also emit a smell which Emma discovered wasn’t very pleasant! Planting herbs has brought many pleasant creatures to our garden — bees, ladybugs, butterflies, etc., and we are enjoying watching all the flying things! Congratulations, Dawn… wish I had a nice prize for you and your hubby! 🙂

  6. Susan says:

    I smashed MANY of those thing on the rocks in my herb garden years ago after they destroyed my fennel plants. Then I felt bad after I found out what beautiful creatures they would have turned into. 🙂


    • micandme says:

      Oh! How funny! I was ready to do that, too, and then thought I’d try to see what they were. When I realized, I decided losing some parsley was ok. We’re just just always learning something new, aren’t we??

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