So this is the medium watermelon of the three that grew well in our garden.  The vine was all dried up, so we are assuming it’s as ripe as it’s going to get.

We cut into it and it “popped”, splitting right open.  Looks good…

It wasn’t as flavorful as we’d hoped, but still pretty good… and it was OURS!  Yummmmmy.  Maybe the last (and largest) will be even better…..


About micandme

Homeschool mommy to three munchkins, ages 9, 7, and 5. Christ-follower, nurse, wife, knitter, spinner, crafter, camper, hiker, people-pleaser, homesteader-wanna-be!
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One Response to Watermelon!

  1. Dawn says:

    Isn’t that “pop” from a homegrown melon music to your ears?? Sorry you didn’t get more of them, but YAY to have one of your own!!

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