Work Day



The load of junk I pulled out of the garden

We’ve had a busy day…. we decided to make the most of our Fall Break and get some work done around here.  Emma and I worked on the garden, clearing and weeding and pruning, and planting.  Above are “before and after” pictures.   We planted peas, lettuce, kohlrabi, and broccoli.

Garrett, Cassandra, and Carter cleared a section of the woods near the path that had become so overgrown with thorns and brush that we thought it might take over the path!

Wish I'd taken a before picture of THAT mess!

Clearing out brambles and thorns.

The chickens found it all quite fascinating!

I’m so amazed at how much fall in the south reminds me of spring in the north.  It’s like having two springs every year.  This year especially, it was so wonderful to be able to get back outside and really enjoy being outdoors.  We felt like we’d been trapped inside, not because it was too cold to be out, but because it was too HOT.  And then looking at the garden reminded me of the work we usually have in the spring, clearing out old stuff and making room for new.  Planting in the fall is a new concept for me too, and of course, that also reminds me of springtime.

After lunch, I decorated the inside for fall and with all the cleaning I did yesterday, things are looking quite nice now.

Fall Dining Room

We ended our busy day with some fun…

Bonfire and cookout after a long day's work

Emma, setting her marshmallow on fire!


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Homeschool mommy to three munchkins, ages 9, 7, and 5. Christ-follower, nurse, wife, knitter, spinner, crafter, camper, hiker, people-pleaser, homesteader-wanna-be!
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2 Responses to Work Day

  1. Dawn says:

    I have to admit I am quite envious of the two planting seasons. Although I am not envious enough to trade it for your miserably hot summers!! 😉 I love the before and after. What a great day you all had!

  2. Jill says:

    Looks GREAT!!!
    We’re getting ready to plant garlic. I’m excited … and hoping it does well.

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