I haven’t posted in a L-O-N-G time!  Part of it has been the busyness of the holidays, and part has been that I’ve been feeling so sick lately that I can hardly get on the computer.  We have news!  Most people already know, but we are expecting Little One #4 in June!  We are all very excited, and I’m just really looking forward to Christmas when I’ll be 12 weeks and hopefully past the worst of the morning “all-day” sickness.

I have lots of pictures to post when I’m feeling a bit better…. pictures from hiking and from Thanksgiving and from decorating for Christmas.

I have to give a huge thanks publicly to my sweet 10-year old daughter, Cassandra.  She’s been such a help to me this past month.  She will do anything I ask her to do to help out around the house – make dinner, help with laundry, clean up the kitchen, keep the littler ones quiet so I can rest when needed.  And I’m so thankful for her.  She’s truly been my “right hand girl” lately.  She gets to go visit her grandparents in KY next week, and while I’m going to miss her terribly, I’m so glad she’s going to get a very special time of fun and relaxation with them.

Hope to write more soon!


About micandme

Homeschool mommy to three munchkins, ages 9, 7, and 5. Christ-follower, nurse, wife, knitter, spinner, crafter, camper, hiker, people-pleaser, homesteader-wanna-be!
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2 Responses to NEWS!

  1. Jill says:

    Funny…my other bloggy-friend, named Michele, has just shared her news too … expecting a little one in June.
    So happy for ya’ll!!!

    I haven’t had much computer time. Been crazy busy and fighting sicknesses that the little ones in my daycare keep bringing our way.

    Keeping ya’ll in my prayers … and your precious little one, too.


  2. Cary ann says:

    Congratulations on your news! I was “Ann..or southernmomma over at HSB..I am also in the Deliberate Homestead group. I wish you the very best throughout your pregnancy. I bet the other kiddies are really excited. Hope you have a great day.
    ~ Cary Ann
    P.S I have moved my blog from HSB and started over at blogger this week.

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