While I’m catching up on all the blogging I’ve gotten behind on, I can’t forget to include our “Snowpocalypse” (bleh, dumb name, huh?) event this past week.  We had been hearing for days that Sunday night would be bad, a big storm was coming through, and we could get INCHES of snow.  I know, being from MI, that snowfall measured in inches really isn’t a ‘snowstorm’, but in GA, any measurable snow is kind of a big deal.  And people took the warnings very seriously, raiding (figuratively) the grocery stores for bread, milk, and eggs (the “french toast” phenomenon).  I always figure, the more warning you get and the longer it’s predicted, the more of a non-event the predicted storms tend to be.  But we hoped for a snow day on Monday.  Sunday night, we looked outside and had a very light dusting of snow.  Thirty minutes later I looked out and we had at least two inches of snow.  This was no little GA “snowstorm”….. this was a Michigan-scale snowstorm.  At least for a while.

In the morning, this is what it looked like…..

Five and a half inches, according to the ruler.

More snow than we saw the whole time we were in Michigan!

Snow Day!

Needless to say, we were a bit surprised.  Monday WAS indeed a snow day.  All day long the snow changed to freezing rain/drizzle and sleet, adding to the southern charm of our storm.  We prayed we wouldn’t lose power because at this point, no one would be going anywhere.  We didn’t lose power during the storm at any time, and we are still so thankful for that!

Making snow “angels”
He’s enjoying this snow more than the snow in MI.
They don’t even seem to notice that it’s COLD out there!
Wednesday… everything coated in ice.

So…. Tuesday was a snow day too.  No one was going ANYwhere.  It never got above freezing on Tuesday so nothing melted or got any better.  School was canceled for Wednesday!  Carter and the kids drove me into work and we saw the 15 or so patients that braved the roads to come in.  It was nice to get out of the house for a bit.  Carter and the kids went to the store and picked up a few things we were running low on…. no bread or cereal on the shelves!  Wednesday night…. yep, they canceled schools again for Thursday.  Things had melted nicely on Wednesday, but at night, everything turned back into ice, making beautiful skating rinks everywhere.  Thursday got warm again and we figured surely they’d have school on Friday.  But no… many roads were still very icy and treacherous.  Remember, for a population of over 4 million, we Georgians have… count ’em… 10 snow plows of our own.  We can borrow/rent trucks from surrounding states, but…. the storm impacted them as well, and THEY needed them!

The snow is still here today (Sunday).  I taught the Sunday School class that I assist in, because the main teacher cannot get out of her subdivision YET.  Shady, hilly roads are STILL icy.  It did get nice and warm today, though, and it is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I expect it to be gone tomorrow.

The main thing I’ve learned from this storm is that no one should EVER be without a “stock” of 3 or more days worth of food in case of (any) emergency.  I was amazed that so many people felt they had to rush out and stock up on basics, for this storm.  And even worse, I realized that if by chance we HADN’T been able to get out of our subdivision yet, we’d be out of a lot of things, a week later now.  We were set for 3 or 4 days, but not for a week.  With this storm, we had a lot of warning.   But the real emergency is when you AREN’T warned.  It gave me new respect for those who take emergency preparedness seriously.

Other than that, it’s really just been a lot of fun!  😉


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2 Responses to SNOW IN GA!

  1. Cary Ann says:

    The same thing happened here in MS. I laughed at the milk and bread comment because that is EXACTLY what happens at our grocery stores too. I try to keep a couple loaves in the freezer “just in case”. The kids looked like they were having a blast in all that snow!

  2. Jill says:

    They say 7 inches of snow fell in our area, but we only got 2 inches of it…and ice on top! A real ice rink for sure. So glad, too, that we didn’t lose power.
    Funny thing…Sunday is my normal shopping day anyway. I didn’t need much. Not even milk, eggs, bread (I make my own), or toilet tissue … I was already stocked. Yes, the shelves were bare in alot of spots.
    I’m from the north, too, and even there they are like that about the chance of snow … run to the store for bread, milk and toilet tissue.

    Glad ya’ll are safe!

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