Been Thinking About…..

Ice Storm Preparation/Survival Tips… (a bit late, maybe, but still….)

1) Fill up the vehicles with gas…. one thing we learned from our experience with a six week old baby and a 2 year old child in an ice storm in NC was …. if you have to go anywhere when a million people are without power, having to get gas is a big bummer. And potentially impossible.  The pumps don’t work, the credit card machines don’t work, and if by chance there’s a generator at THAT gas station, everyone else has already been there and they’re out of gas!

2) Charge your electronics. That way if you do lose power, you can still make phone calls, read ;), and play games. It might keep you (or your kids) from going insane!

3) If you have a camp cook stove, they work great for making pancakes, hot cocoa, soup, etc.  And if you use an electric can opener, make sure you have a manual one for emergencies!

4) Of course, find your flashlights and make sure they work! 🙂

5) An alternate heat source is always nice…. but if not, pair up in beds with lots of blankets to keep warm through the night.  We’ve always been fine at night, it’s during the day that it gets too cold!

6) Check with a friend/family member who DOES have an alternate heat source and see if you can stay with them in an extended power outage.  Assuming the roads are passable. It’s much more fun staying with friends/family, than driving until you find a motel with power AND a room available.  Cheaper too!

7) Cover windows, doors, etc. with heavy blankets to keep the heat in a bit more.  Close off the warmest room in the house if you lose power and move everyone in there.

8)  If you’re on a well, stock up on water for flushing toilets, drinking, etc., since when the power’s out, the pump doesn’t run.  If you’re on city water, still stock up on tap water for drinking in case the city’s power’s out for a long period of time.  It’s nicer if you don’t have to mess with boiling water when the power is out! 😉

9) Everyone should have a few days worth of canned goods on hand for an emergency.  If you don’t, start now to stock up on a few things each time you go out, until you have enough to survive for a while if you can’t get out.

10)  Have spare diapers (disposable or cloth or both, no matter what you use regularly), toilet paper, wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer, etc. set aside “just in case”.

11) Keep a little “emergency cash” somewhere safe in the house.

12) If anyone else has ideas, please post them in the comments!!


About micandme

Homeschool mommy to three munchkins, ages 9, 7, and 5. Christ-follower, nurse, wife, knitter, spinner, crafter, camper, hiker, people-pleaser, homesteader-wanna-be!
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4 Responses to Been Thinking About…..

  1. micandme says:

    My friend, Andrea, said…. in the event of a power loss, in the winter, perishables can be set out in the snow, and in the summer, they can be put in a creek (if you have one) to be kept cold. Thanks, Andrea!!

  2. Cary Ann says:

    We love to have oil lanterns too. We keep several around our house along with extra oil ( sold at Wal-mart and places like that). So true about the gas! We were in a ice storm years ago and was w/out power 14 days. You learn real quick after that to be prepared way before winter comes 🙂

    • micandme says:

      Ohhh, good reminder! Definitely remember the extra oil. 🙂 About an hour after we arrived at my in-laws in MI, they lost power. MI homes are built a lot better for keeping heat in, and we stayed nice and cozy, but Carter’s mom got out the oil lamps…. and discovered they were out of oil. Knowing her, that will NEVER happen again. Flashlights worked well, but the lanterns are nicer.

  3. Lori says:

    Michelle ~ This is a really good reminder. Thanks for stopping my by site. We are right outside of Athens, about 20 minutes. We are in the talking phase of moving around Madison or even the McDonough area.

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