Real Life

Do you ever read blogs and wonder “is this what it really looks like all the time?”  I mean, you see the lovely pictures of a beautifully set table for Valentine’s day, children looking clean with hair just so, rooms neat and organized, children calmly doing schoolwork or happily working together on chores, etc.  The answer is…. NO!  That’s not normal, around here, anyway!  I love to capture those beautiful moments… the perfect loaf of bread, the pictures showing my children loving and caring for each other, fun family times, and show myself and everyone else what it CAN be like.  I love browsing through other people’s beautiful blogs, too.  I love seeing the pictures that inspire me to be a better mommy, wife, Christian.

Usually, I delete pictures that aren’t “pretty”.  So right now, I don’t have many that capture those “real life” moments, unless they’re funny or endearing.  Funny and endearing are “pretty” to me in their own way, so that doesn’t count in the “real life” category.  The picture below is one that escaped the “delete” button.  I wanted a picture of the wall hanging, and somehow got my extremely messy sink and counter.  A good reminder of “real life”.

I rarely post a picture of myself on here, either, because I’m SO not-photogenic.  My children and husband take much better pictures, and I’d rather all of our friends and family see those.  My pride keeps me from ever posting a picture of myself that I don’t “like”.  How silly.  I’m me.  I don’t take good pictures, but that’s me in “real life”.

Sometimes…. I need to be reassured that other people have “real life” moments too.  So, I’m hoping to occasionally post a “real-life” blog entry that will reassure other people that we have many, many moments that aren’t necessarily perfect or even beautiful.  I hope they inspire a laugh, and even more, an understanding that blogs can be a bit misleading.

We’re not perfect (if you know us IRL – in real life – you know that!)… we love those perfect moments and want to cherish every bit of beauty and sweetness, but never to lead anyone to believe that we “have it all together”.  Any beauty comes from Christ alone and God’s blessing on our family, not by anything we’ve done to deserve it.

So let’s celebrate and share “real life” as well as the “beautiful moments”!  🙂


About micandme

Homeschool mommy to three munchkins, ages 9, 7, and 5. Christ-follower, nurse, wife, knitter, spinner, crafter, camper, hiker, people-pleaser, homesteader-wanna-be!
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8 Responses to Real Life

  1. Dawn says:

    LOVE it!! Real life really is the best. 🙂 And I love what you did with your Berkey. We’ve been trying to figure out the best place to put ours & I never would have thought to have it right by the sink. Will have to see if there’s enough room there for it!!

    And I’m so super-glad I’m not the only one with 1/2 my counter top filled with a mix of clean and not-clean dishes. I really like when it’s clear of anything but the things that SHOULD be out, but it rarely happens. So thank you for sharing!

    • micandme says:

      Hey, Dawn! Yes, that’s the only place in our crazy kitchen that I thought could work. It takes up some of the sink room, but most of the time it’s ok. If I have a LOT of dishes to do, it’s a bit annoying. And I have to be careful not to do anything “germy” (rinse a chicken, etc.) near the Berkey, so that I don’t splash anything onto the bottom of the spout. Other than that, it’s a great place… if it ever leaks, it wouldn’t matter, and if the kids do something silly, (like leave it running!), it doesn’t end up all over the floor.

      I probably get my counters really looking nice about once a month. Most of the time, there’s stuff for the compost pile and/or chickens in a bowl, eggs on the counter, mail/bills/schoolwork piling up, etc. 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. Cary Ann says:

    Oh…that is SOO me! I do not post pictures of myself either..LOL. I love the real life pictures ! I do love the wall hanging too. Did you quilt it? I have one in a different design on my girls walls. Have a great day with your family 🙂

    • micandme says:

      I did quilt it (a LONG time ago) and never finished the binding. I finished it in time to put it up for this Christmas. I love hand quilting and stitching the binding, but haven’t gotten all the “stuff” out to quilt since Garrett was born. Just too messy in an already messy house! 🙂

      I’d love to see a picture of your girls’ quilt!

  3. Joy says:

    Yes, our kitchen sink looks like that a lot, too! 🙂

    After I posted a picture of our totally clean living room a while back, a few weeks later I posted a “real life” post with a mess in the living room and a full laundry basket sitting on the floor. A friend said she liked the neat picture, but preferred to see the real-life picture, as it made her feel like she wasn’t the only one with a mess! I know it can be an encouragement to know I’m not the only one, too. 🙂

    Thanks for the peek into your real kitchen!

  4. Jill says:

    Did you photo my kitchen sink??? LOL

    Your wall hanging is beautiful!

  5. Dawn says:

    Well, we did it. We put our Berkey on/next to our sink. And I think I am really going to like it there! Our goal was to get everything off the top of the portable dishwasher so we could list it on Craigslist and get it out of our (too tiny to be a) eat-in kitchen. But that Berkey was really hanging us up. You saved the day!! 🙂

    Thanks for the warning of not to do germy stuff by it. I would have thought about that one about the moment chicken fat was sloshing toward the spigot. LOL

    One question, though, how do your children reach it? Ours seems so far back from the edge of the counter…

    • micandme says:

      My children are big enough now that they are tall enough to reach it. Garrett has a little trouble, but we have a 3-step stepstool that they use for things like getting bowls down. Do you have something like that?

      Glad we could help! 🙂 Even my messy sink and counter was helpful… amazing! 😉

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