Praying for Tornado Survivors

I know many people are praying for families who have lost loved ones or homes in this outbreak of severe weather last week.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by all of this.  The pictures are so heartbreaking…. they seem like they couldn’t be HERE, in the United States.  That kind of widespread devastation and loss of life just doesn’t happen here….. usually.  It’s definitely a reminder that we are NOT immune to disaster and heartache.

One family’s story that has really touched my heart, is the Lee Family.  I had heard that this sweet family of 15 (yes!  13 children!) had lost their husband/father in the tornado that destroyed their home and trapped several of the children for several hours.  My friend found their blog and I was looking at the post from Easter Sunday, just 3 days before the tornado changed their lives forever.  If I’d looked through their blog on Monday or Tuesday, I’d have thought what a wonderful home and family and how neat it would be to be “them”.  Do you ever do that as you read other people’s blogs?  I do occasionally.  But this time, all I could do was cry as I realized that when that post was written, they had no idea what was around the corner for them.  The picture of Sherry and her husband and the note underneath that their family picture didn’t ever happen even though they’d planned to get one especially struck me as so sad.  How many times do we not get around to taking those pictures?  For them, it was their last chance to get the whole family together for a picture.  And yet, one of the children did snap that picture of the two of them, and how precious to have that last picture together! I’m so thankful that this family knows the Lord and will be trusting and leaning on Him to help them through this time.  How could anyone survive such devastation without the Lord’s help?

You can read their blog here and see and hear an update from the Lee’s oldest son here.

And that’s just ONE family…… how many hundreds of other families have stories just as heartbreaking?

Please remember to pray, and if you can donate to help these families, World Vision and the Red Cross are good places to which you can donate money and find out other ways you can help!


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