With more flexibility on Facebook, I have found it easier and quicker to post pictures and quick updates there.  But I also feel now like I have really neglected a very special way to keep memories here on the blog.  So I think it’s time for a photo update.

For one thing…. we are all a bit older….

IMG_42221411342233 IMG_42192444511358 IMG_42175261151833 IMG_42180892368914 IMG_42171779894960


Another big change is that the older kids are all in school at Hebron Christian Academy, where Carter has taught the past 8 years.  I now work 4 days a week at a Healogics wound clinic in our hospital. And this year, Anna is going to 3-year old pre-k three mornings a week.

IMG_42636652241866 IMG_42649283102590 IMG_42665529694927 IMG_42679213750182


And that is the past year and a half in a very small nutshell!!!!!!

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Come see my Farmer’s Market blog!

The Corner Homestead

Turkish Bed Socks… great for wearing around the house in the summer… or with clogs or crocs.  This was my first one and I’m happy to say, I like the pattern and how the sock looks and feels.  I’ll make a few pairs in different colors and see if there’s any interest.

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Just Checking In….

Oh, my… it’s been a long time.  Well…. we’re having lots of fun around here and keeping busy!  I’m hoping to write more and post more pictures soon.  But for now…. from the NutHouse…. Have a great day!  🙂

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New Blog

Well, it’s July, Anna is here, and it’s time to switch my blog over to “Six at Home in Georgia”.  You’ll find us all over there now.  Remember that if you subscribed to get updates on this blog, you’ll need to do that on the new blog.  I’m looking forward to sharing more about our Home in GA!

See you on the new blog!

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Anna Elise Newell – July 1, 2011

I’m working on getting some pictures posted, but until I can do that… here is a slideshow put together by my friend.  🙂

Welcoming Anna Elise Newell

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The Final Countdown!

Today begins the final countdown…. one week from today, Anna Elise is due to arrive by C-section!

I knew this week would go fast because of VBS.  I’ve had the mornings to alternate working around the house in the quiet with resting.  The kids have had a wonderful week too.  Tonight is the VBS Finale and they’re all excited for me to come and see what they’ve been working on and learning.

Monday will be a last mega-cleaning and planning event so that everything that can be done before Anna arrives is done.  Tuesday, Carter will be at school for a “Board Retreat”…. we still haven’t quite figured out why he has to be there.  I don’t anticipate getting much done that day!  Wednesday, my parents will arrive in the afternoon, then Thursday I have my last OB appointment and pre-op at the hospital.  My c-section is scheduled nice and early at 7am on Friday.   After that, I have no plans or expectations, except for all of use to take plenty of time getting to know our new little addition.  We’re all looking forward to getting on with our “new normal” after what seems like a forever-long pregnancy!  🙂

I’m hoping to post some VBS pictures this afternoon.  Carter’s been taking the camera each day and trying to get as many pictures as he can for the blog.  He’s my hero!  🙂

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Use That Kitchen Timer!!

With “mommy-brain” at an all-time high (or low?) lately, I’m becoming reacquainted with my kitchen timer. Of course, I use it for baking and cooking, but I’m depending on it for other things too….

1) I have my children set it for the amount of time I am allowing them to be on the computer or Wii or whatever. That way, when it rings… it’s the timer’s fault, not mine. AND I don’t forget and let them play all afternoon (“You never told me to get off!”)

2) Laundry….. my washer and dryer are in the basement, and even if I do set the timer buzzer, it only buzzes once. Easy to miss or to think I’ll get it in a minute. The kitchen timer doesn’t stop until I get up off my seat and turn it off. By that time…. I might as well get the laundry anyway!

3) Quiet time…. I set the timer for an hour or hour and a half when I send the kids to their rooms for quiet time. If they know the timer’s set, they don’t show up making sure I didn’t fall asleep or forget about them because they’re being so quiet. And I don’t. forget. to tell them quiet time is over. 😉

4) I know many people who think they’ll become a slave to the clock or the timer if they “schedule” things…. from baby’s feeding time to Mommy’s rest time. I learned a long time ago that the clock is my friend. For me, when things are stressful, time crawls. I remember thinking in those long nights when she was small, that Cassandra had been crying for HOURS, but I learned to look at the clock and say “if she’s still crying at 3:15, I’ll get up”. Sometimes she’d settle back down after about 2 minutes and 37 seconds, and if I hadn’t given myself a timeframe, I’d have staggered out of bed just as she was settling back in, thinking she’d been crying for 37 MINUTES (or…. hours). Another thing I’d do is set the timer during the day so that I didn’t let her sleep for 6 hours or so…. I learned that with her, feeding her every 3-4 hours even if it meant waking her up from a nap, allowed her to sleep longer at night.

5) Setting the timer before I sit down to knit or do something enjoyable also helps me to relax and enjoy that time, because I know I don’t have to try to keep track of how much time I’ve “wasted” resting or doing something fun. I’m weird that way.

6) Snack time and meal prep time – again, I don’t have to keep a close eye on the clock if I set the timer for when I need to get the kids a snack (10:30am has just become our “traditional” morning snack time) or start dinner. I know that if I get absorbed in something, I can’t lose complete track of time. And my poor husband and kids won’t starve. 😀

So anyway, make that kitchen timer your friend! Things just go smoother around here when I’m not flying by the seat of my pants (whatever that means).

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